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How can I login/register on Mobile App?

You can register yourself as a user to the ezfresh.pk Mobile App

  • Select the ‘Login’ option in side menu
  • If not signed-in already, the ezfresh.pk app will ask the user to Sign-in during the Checkout process after providing the Shipping information


I got an activation link message. What does that mean?

If you ordered as guest user and want to create your account with same email address, a system generated email will be sent to validate your email account. You will be asked to set your password to activate your account. After confirming the password you’re good to go! Just come back to the ezfresh.pk app and login with your email and newly set password.


Can I place an order with ezfresh.pk as a Guest user?

Yes, of course! Just select the products and add them to the cart. Go to your cart, enter shipping information, check-out and complete order.


Why can’t I apply the discount code as a Guest User?

Discount option is only available for Registered Customers. Register yourself and avail discounts and special deals.


How can I get a Discount on ezfresh.pk?

In the ezfresh.pk app discounts can ONLY be applied by registered customers. After signing in you have to click on the discount button in the Order Summary and enter your discount code. If a valid discount code is entered the discount will be applied and the Order Summary updated accordingly.


Will I be able to see my previous orders with details?

After successfully signing in to the ezfresh.pk app, please select My Orders from the side menu to check on all your previous orders and their status. You can select an order for details and summary.